Lynn ...Lynnderella ....

Alors autant te dire que cet article , ses quelques lignes , sont chères à mon coeur.
Je t'ai de nombreuses fois parlé des vernis à ongles Lynnderella , en me les appropriant gentiment ; mais aujourd'hui c'est avec une joie immense que j'ai eu la chance de papoter avec Lynn.

Elle et ses créations me font tourner la tête depuis de nombreuses années et j'ai pris pour habitude de t'en parler avec mes mots ; mais rien n'a plus de valeur que son vécu et son expérience alors place à ses mots ....Et merci du fond du coeur Lynn pour la magie que tu mets dans chacune de tes créations , la gentillesse et la sympathie dont tu fais preuve auprès de chacune de nous et je souhaite encore de belles années à Lynnderella !

1 - Quel parcours vous a conduit à créer des vernis à ongles ?

I used to see women in New York wearing what looked like a lilac French manicure, but was never able to find that colour anywhere. I began adding lavender to sheer white. It was very pretty at first, but turned grey due to the instability of the pigments. I have always played with nail polish and make up as if they were paint and art supplies.

Things got more serious when I discovered Nail Gal and some of the nail blogs a few years ago. This came from researching Japanese mascara layering techniques. Before I knew it, I was taking trains and buses to the suburbs to visit Ulta and Sally Beauty. Sephora and Barneys was no longer satisfied my art supply requirements.

The blogs led me to MakeUp Alley. In those days, there were some kind and very creative people posting nail art and manicures. It was inspiring and fun. I spent a lot of time looking at nails and searching for discontinued lacquers. The next stage was painting lockets. I learned a lot about how transparency works with pigments to create a finish. It never really occurred to me that I was studying, but I was absorbing a lot of information by doing this very soothing and enjoyable project.

At some point, I got interested in glitter and started to look for online sources of solvent resistant ones. There were many that melted or lost colour, but Snow Angel was born and the MakeUp Alley members seemed to like it. Connect the Dots was also created in mid-2010 and kept secret for over a year—I knew that it was good. Very good. But I had no clue where I was going with any of the obsession. Especially since I had to use the “frankenpolish” method for making things as lacquer base was not available in any manageable quantity. It magically appeared, though, and I decided to try selling from a blog.

2 - En gardant le mystère autour de vos créations , pourriez-vous nous expliquer votre démarche créative?
Vos sources d'inspirations ?
Vos sentiments au fur et à mesure des étapes de création?

Not sure I can really explain my process since it all happens internally. Sometimes I think it happens while I am asleep. Being a visual person does mean that I spend a lot of time looking at things I am attracted to. Things like cosmetics and jewelry or objects that may be beautiful. But I pay attention to all kinds of visual and emotional things, so I’d have to say that almost everything and anything can contribute to an idea.

I don’t have a formula for the process. It seems to me that the ideas just pop in all by themselves. And somehow too much thinking gets in the way.

3 - Quelle a été la plus grande difficulté/obstacle que vous avez connu lors d'une création ?

Since I went to art school and was taught how to use limitations in creative work, things that don’t work often lead to something new. Most of the difficult challenges have had to do with business, other people and relationships. Let’s not go there.... :-D

4 - Quelle a été votre toute première création?
Et est-il possible d'en avoir une photo ?

I don’t have photos of the lavender French manicure polishes I tried to make, but here is The First Edition. It is the first collection I presented publicly. Some of the other Lynnderellas that people ask about (like Silent Night, Violet Night and Christmas Nightie) were part of an 
experimental Christmas collection created in late 2010. 

5 - Aurez-vous une anecdote à nous raconter ....

I wish I had a funny and entertaining anecdote for you, but I’m not thinking of anything at the moment. My latest off-nail project has been a massive purge of old things that have collected over the past ten years. In a small space, it’s essential to keep on top of this anyway, but this went deeper since I became aware of Marie Kondo from an article in New York Magazine( and then read her book. It’s something like Spring cleaning on steroids. And here we are right back where we started—looking at all of those bottles!

                                                                                                                 Lynn ...

Sur ses bonnes paroles....Restons futiles...
Bisous bisous ...

alors si tu vas par là attention tu vas découvrir des pépites !

le shop qui va faire les yeux doux à ta cb


présentation des collections et swatch des vernis à ongles sur différentes bases (le petit plus que nous propose Lynn et qui aide beaucoup car les possibilités étant nombreuses quelque fois il est bon d'être conseillée).

4 commentaires:

  1. je n'aurais jamais pensé que tout serait parti d'un vernis (lilas) lavande ! ! !

    1. Je suis comme toi ; cela a été une véritable surprise car je m'étais imaginé plein de choses mais pas un début pareil....Merci en tout cas d'avoir lu cet interview ma belle <3

  2. Je vais adorer ces articles ! Merci à toi :) xx

    1. Coool car cette semaine me tient vraiment à coeur...
      Bisous ma belle Marie <3






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