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Aujourd'hui c'est mon coup de coeur "naillesque" , "bloguesque" , "verniesque" .
Il y a des années , bon pas non plus des décennies hein , je suis tombée par hasard sur des flacons plein de merveille...
Tu sais quand tu es (vieille) blogueuse tu prends le wagon en marche et tu te laisses aller et tenter par de nombreux articles , parlant de nombreuses marques et c'est que du bonheur !
Il y a les classiques que tu connais un peu déjà , les incontournables qui deviennent tes incontournables , et puis il y a ceux qui te sont inconnus ; pas parce que méconnus mais parce que pour faire le tour de tout il te faudrait neufs vies .

Et donc bim bam boum a débarqué dans ma vernithèque les précieux d'Andrea : une invitation au voyage tant par les couleurs que par le nom , et une créatrice à l'écoute , disponible et je ne saurais dire si ce sont ses créations qui m'ont fait tourner la tête ou sa générosité ....Sûrement une alchimie des deux ; car aujourd'hui encore elle a su être à l'écoute et présente et donc merci belle Andrea , je garderais toujours une place de coeur sur mon blog pour Indigo Bananas , et une affection particulière pour toi ...

1 - What path led you to create nail polish?
I've always collected nail polish, since I was sixteen, but usually not continually. Every four or five years I would check back to see what new and interesting nail polish colors had come out. The last time I became interested again was in the middle of 2011, when I ran into friends mentioning indie nail polish for the first time.  There were so many new colors and everyone's creations were more creative than all the commercial nail polish brands I had, and I started collecting, and then I started collecting glitter and testing them, and trying to make my own nail polish suspension base because there was a shortage in early 2012 (I don't recommend this without a proper set up, haha!).  After that all hope was lost and I began filling my house and then workshop with every glitter, pigment, mica, and all things sparkly that I could get my hands on, and making hundreds of nail polish colors; all this eventually led me to start a brand and open a shop, so I could afford more glitter and pigments. My background is in biology and chemistry, so I was interested in a lot of the chemical creation aspects of nail polish, as well as other cosmetics (lotions, lipstick, soap), and the chemical differences between colors and the ways they interact is still my main interest.

2 - Keeping the mystery surrounding your creations, could you explain your creative process?
Your sources of inspiration?
Your feelings as creative steps?
Nail polish colors are created two ways for me - sometimes I find a very pretty or rare or interesting ingredient or color combination and I am happy with the polish(es) I made. After that I look for inspiration from music, art, literature or, very often, nature and try to make them coherent collections that feel like 'a whole.'  Sometimes the opposite happens, and I have a set of names and inspiration and idea, and try and match up colors to fit the theme.  I really do like to have a theme though; it helps the polishes feel like they are part of some larger type of art, and it also helps me organize the polishes, ingredients, and bottles in stock.

3 - What was the biggest challenge / obstacle you have experienced during a creation?
The biggest challenge is probably occasionally running into another brand with a similar theme, colors, or name, at the same time. This rarely happens but when it does it usually means you need to rethink the nail polish release, or put it off.  The second biggest challenge is probably keeping track of all my inventory - both supplies and bottles for sale! I have over a hundred polishes stocked in the shop, and try to keep most things in stock, but the bottles really add up fast.  So: organization! Of bottles, and supplies, and trying to find that one glitter or pigment that I KNOW I had but... misplaced temporarily, haha.

4 - What was your very first creation?
And is it possible to have a photo?
My first creation... honestly, the first polish that felt like it was a complete polish was Halcyon, a blue/purple (indigo) multichrome shimmer that is very opaque.  I tried to create my favorite color basically, and gave it a slight interesting shift and sparkle to it. However, this wasn't really my first creation or first nail polish that I made. I probably had over a hundred and fifty testers on hand (just one pigment, mica, glass fleck, glitter etc in a bottle) so I knew all the materials I had to work with and how they looked alone.

5 - Will you have a story to tell us ....
The best part about making nail polish, other than the large amount of color combinations you have access to, is bonding and making friends with other people that share your interest. I have a few good friends who also own their own shop and we bond over the silliest things. How normal it is now to walk around with ten nails all a different nail polish color.  How you find yourself with a giant red or blue or green fingerprint on your face and you only realize it when you get home from running errands (and that explains why everyone looked at you funny at the grocery store).  And how happy seeing someone's collection of nail polishes, all lined up in rainbow order (essential!) makes you. That's the most important thing; doing all this to make other people happy :)

                                                                                                                      Andrea ...

Sur ses bonnes paroles ... Restons futiles...
Bisous bisous ...

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